EU funded Hatay Dörtyol New State Hospital will be put into service in 2022

With the support of 40 million Euros of the European Union and with the cooperation of the Ministry of Health and the French Development Agency, the project related to the construction of the new building of Hatay Dörtyol State Hospital is in the final stage. The project, whose construction works have been completed and which is in the assembly stage of the interior equipment and systems, is planned to start operating in the spring of 2022. A press conference and a construction site visit for the project were held in Hatay with the participation of the Parties. In his speech, Dursun Duyar, Deputy Director of General of Health Investments of the Ministry of Health, emphasized that they expect the project to pave the way for new cooperation with the EU in the field of health by mentioning that the project is exemplary.


Dursun Duyar said: ''It is a project funded by EU and carried out by the Ministry of Health. Since the Building Earthquake Regulation came into effect in 2019, we are making our hospital earthquake resistant by revising the project. With the Health Transformation Program, we make all our hospitals across the country earthquake resistant. We also make it more qualified. It is fully equipped and its infrastructure of the project is made to be of high quality. It is important that the project is carried out within the scope of a grant in cooperation with our friends from EU. I hope it will pave the way for cooperation in future projects.


French Development Agency (AFD) Turkey Director Serge Snrech stated that they have been operating in Turkey as the Agency since 2005 and noted that with the Dörtyol State Hospital project, they took on a role for the first time in an EU project involving Syrian refugees. Snerch said: ''Of course, this hospital will not only serve refugees. It also aims to meet the additional burden from refugees. Locals will also benefit. The project is worth 40 million Euros. We are happy with the stage the hospital has reached. While we were struggling with Covid, this project progressed.'' Serge Snerch mentioned that the work continues to support the region in another project other than health and stated that they are working on a 11-million-Euros-worth project to improve the drinking water network and increase its capacity in Hatay.


Comprehensive health care will be provided

Adem Takış, Head Doctor of Dörtyol State Hospital, noted in the information he gave that in the project whose ground-breaking was made in 2019 a new hospital was built on a land of 34 thousand square meters, consisting of three blocks with a closed area of 52 thousand square meters. Adem Takış emphasized that they will provide service in all departments and that they have high-quality operating rooms, imaging systems and intensive care units. By emphasizing that the project also includes a unit called "Mother Hotel" for mothers who have given birth, he said that in the hospital there will be ''Pregnant School'', ''Mother Hotel'', a nursery and a playground. There will be 88 single rooms and 47 double rooms in the hospital. There will also be areas such as training and conference halls.''


While answering the questions of journalists, Hatay Provincial Health Director Mustafa Hanbolat stated that the operation of the hospital, which was built with EU financing, will be entirely under the Ministry of Health. Hanbolat stated that the existing B group hospital will be upgraded to the A2 group with the new building and investmen and said: ''It will serve in all departments. It will be a general service hospital, not a specialized hospital” by mentioning that Dörtyol also has health needs such as for burns and trauma since it is an industrial region. Hanbolat stated that they have also made various plans on how to utilize the old building, but no clear decision has yet been made.


Deputy Governor of Hatay Aydın Tetikoğlu, Deputy Director of General of Health Investments of the Ministry of Health Dursun Duyar, Hatay Provincial Health Director Dr. Mustafa Hambolat, French Development Agency Turkey Director Serge Snrech, Dörtyol District Governor Ali Murat Kayhan, Head Doctor of Dörtyol State Hospital Adem Takiş and Head of Construction Applications Department of the Ministry of Health Muzaffer Geleri attended the press conference held in Dörtyol.


New Dörtyol State Hospital

Dörtyol State Hospital is being built with EU financing, within the framework of the agreement signed by the French Development Agency and the Ministry of Health. In the project, which was agreed in 2017 and actually started in 2018, the ground-breaking was made in 2019. The European Union gave 40 million Euros, which is the investment cost, as a grant support. The hospital, whose construction works have been completed, is in the assembly stage of the interior equipment and medical devices. As of June, 72,5 percent of the project has been completed. The hospital will be moved in the spring of 2022.


250 qualified beds in single and double rooms can be increased up to 400, when necessary. In the hospital, which has been made safe with earthquake isolators, a special air conditioning system and interior bathroom structures have been specially designed. The hospital, which has fully equipped operating rooms, will provide ambulatory care services in all departments. In the newborn unit, original components were created with the 'Mother Hotel' approach. The hospital, together with Dörtyol, will serve a population of 250 thousand people in Erzin, Payas and the surrounding regions. It is stated that the hospital can serve 6 thousand patients a day.


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